African Aerospace – Part One

As promised, Niel Swart braved difficult conditions to share last month’s Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2016 exhibition with airscape.

Held at the SAAF’s AFB Waterkloof, between Pretoria and Johannesburg, this biennial event is the continent’s major aerospace and defence show. This year it brought together over 500 trade exhibitors, and representation from 105 different countries.

Incredibly diverse

USAF Globmaster at AAD2016
Towering over everything but, er, the water tower, and representing the USAF at Waterkloof this year, Boeing C-17A Globemaster III, #00-0177 (c/n 50085 F084/P77) of the 137th Airlift Squadron, 105th Airlift Wing, NY Air National Guard. (© Niel Swart)

AAD 2016 ran from Wednesday the 14th of September to Sunday the 18th, with the weekdays being trade days and the weekend being for public displays.

Local and international companies used the event to showcase an incredibly diverse range of products – from small satellite technologies to a new airborne system for stopping rhino poachers (a uniquely African need!).

Boeing and SAAB demonstrated their new jet trainer prototype; local giant Denel announced plans to upgrade their successful Rooivalk attack helicopter in partnership with Airbus; while Zambia revealed their new Hongdu L-15 supersonic light attack/jet trainer and assorted ordnance – all Made In China.

In fact, given the diversity, the only real surprise was the lack of coverage the event received outside of Africa. A quick scan of some leading global publications, and even Google, reveals a dearth of post-event reporting. Africa may not compare with Asia or the NATO alliance (yet), but glossing over the aerospace and defence interests of 54 countries on the world’s second-most populous continent seems a little like tunnel vision…

Airshow pics

Some 57,000 visitors attended the public days, although rain and low cloud meant some of the Sunday’s aerobatics had to be cancelled, and dust ahead of the change made photographing the Saturday displays difficult.

In all, we really appreciate the job Niel did for us – even rushing back to Waterkloof late on Monday to catch the departing USAF C-17A.

I’m very pleased to present this first gallery of his AAD2016 photos. Click each image for the full-sized view. And check out Niel’s second batch of AAD2016 images here.

3 thoughts on “African Aerospace – Part One

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this and I wan’t disappointed! Gorgeous and amazingly clear. I’ll be looking for the next one! 🙂

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