The way a pilot feels

Oilman, industrialist, investor, visionary… William T Piper has as much right to claim the title ‘Father of General Aviation’ as anyone. His long insistence on making aircraft that were cheap to buy and easy to fly brought thousands of people into flying. What’s more, his insightful strategy of making learning to fly as cheap as possible is a lesson in GA promotion that’s as instructive … Continue reading The way a pilot feels

That pilot

John Moffat You may not have heard of John (‘Jock’) William Charlton Moffat. Not enough people have. On May 26th, 1941, Moffat and his crew of Fairey Swordfish 5C, L9726, flying off HMS Ark Royal in appalling weather, launched the torpedo that crippled the mighty Nazi battleship Bismarck. It was already Britain’s last roll of the dice against Bismarck, and arguably the most pivotal single act … Continue reading That pilot