Under African skies

airscape now has a resident pair of eyes in Africa, in the form of photographer Niel Swart. Based near Johannesburg, Niel has agreed to be our man on the flight line for South African aviation events so I’m looking forward to sharing his images from that part of the world with you.

Here’s a taste of Niel’s talents…

South Africa has a surprisingly rich aviation heritage, not least through it’s contribution to WW2’s British Commonwealth Air Training Scheme – the SAAF Joint Air Training Scheme – during which 33,347 aircrew were trained for the war effort.

Of course, the Republic can also claim the Allies’ highest scoring fighter pilot, Marmaduke ‘Pat’ Pattle, who equalled the USAAF’s Dick Bong with 40 official ‘kills’ – and more likely achieved at least 50+ victories.

The nation’s large size, fair weather and complex political history has created a very diverse scene for fans of general, civil and military aviation.

Expect to see lots of rare and beautiful aircraft in Niel’s upcoming South African reports – starting with Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016 later this month.

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