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North, then hard Left

Air_Koryo_logoIf you’re tired of turning up to airshows and aviation museums in that torn old Cessna T-shirt, here’s something a long way left of centre for you… completely unauthorised Air Koryo apparel.

air-koryo_480Air Koryo is the state airline of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (that’s North Korea to you and me), and has operated a small fleet of Tupolev Tu-154 tri-jets since 1975 (although they’re now banned from European skies because of noise).

Or, for something equally left-field (all puns intended), there’s also a great Antonov An-2 Stealth option… 1,000 horsepower of humungous biplane sneak. I like it!

Behind the designs

An-2 StealthDesigned by NYC-based Dangerous breed, the T-shirts are produced exclusively for NK News. Not surprisingly, NK News specialises in news about North Korea and survives on media sales and fundraising activities, making this a win-win way to liven up your plane spotting wardrobe.

They don’t appear to be a communist propaganda agency – from what I’ve seen, PR is not Kim Jong-un’s strong suit – so I’m pretty sure your money won’t end up buying rocket fuel for the Dear Leader. In fact, with offices in “Seoul, London and Washington DC” they’re more likely to be a CIA initiative, which isn’t without a certain Air America-style caché of it’s own . . .

Seriously though, NK News does appear to be just what it claims – an independent news agency, shining some light (and a little western merchandising) into one of the world’s darker corners.

T-SHIRTS as Smart Object-1



Order now and save $5

So while most companies can’t get their brands in enough places, and renegade states with openly sarcastic names prove as popular as the Christmas Bullet, here’s your chance to get back to the rebellious roots of T-shirt couture: Students wear Che Guevara; we’ve got Air Koryo.

NK News Logoairscape readers even save $5 at the checkout (offer ends September 30th, 2016), courtesy of NK News. Plus we have an affiliate arrangement, so if you get your T-shirt during September your money will help buy single malt rocket fuel for this Dear Editor!

Go on. You know you want to. . .

Click here to pick your shirt and save

NK News Koryo shirts

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