airscape redirection

Re: Direction

If you’ve felt like airscape’s content has been a bit ‘samey’ lately, well, congratulations – you’re way ahead of me!

Personally, I don’t think there’s been a shortage of interesting content, per se, but that’s probably helped lull me into some comfortable habits too. . .  It’s high time I kicked myself where nobody should physically be able to kick themselves.

New template, more stuff

So, we’ll be moving into a new template this week, with a new content structure that forces me to create more varied offerings and makes the blog behave a lot more like a magazine. Look out for the return of some old favourites – like quotes and ‘beauty shots’ – to help break up the continuing flow of articles and longer features.

I’m also going to try and present airscape more as monthly issues, although that will mostly be  a ‘look and feel’ thing for casual visitors rather than a major change for subscribers like you.

What you WILL notice is a new set of content categories, and a small flurry of posts as I work to populate the new structure. There’ll also be an awkward ‘adolescent’ phase, as I finesse the new template from its ‘out of the box’ layout to something more customised.

So do a couple of good clearing turns and tighten your harness. We’re going inverted.

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