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airscape support

Okay, you may have noticed that the magazine isn’t appearing in the App Store or on Google Play at the moment…

That’s because, after three very expensive issues, we figured out we were doing it wrong. No, not the magazine – that was beautiful, informative and much enjoyed by those who found it. However we had put the cart before the horse, with the inevitable result result that we were pushing a cart and a horse up quite a steep incline.

Long story short, it wasn’t working.

So for now, airscape magazine IS this blog. A magablog, if you like. Or a blogazine. It’s up to you.

As far as support goes then, if you’ve found your way to this page you can definitely work a blog. So all you need to do is go find posts and read them.

We haven’t totally given up on the tablet magazine idea though, and we’ll be:

1. Continuing to post new articles here.
2. Re-releasing the app issues in another format that works on iPads and Macs.
3. Compiling articles from the ‘blogazine’ thingy into self-contained new issues.

So keep up with airscape (go on, click the ‘Follow’ button!) and we’ll keep you posted on progress.

And if you’ve got any questions, suggestions, etc, in the meantime, just email me.

David Foxx | Editor