Can I contribute a promotional piece then?

Of course you can. We don’t pretend our content doesn’t have something to offer.

Everything has to have story value though. We’re not going to just run a promo or press release – or even take your press release and dress it up as journalism. Too many magazines do that already. But as long as there’s an interesting story to share, we can help you tell it. See our Publicise page for more details.

We’re always ready to help support small or innovative aviation businesses that could use some extra exposure. (As the format evolves, that could include a free ad for companies and organisations that need it, as well as a ‘Marketplace’ for small space ads.)

However we don’t see the need to pay royalties for content that provides a business with commercial exposure. That’d be like us paying you to put an ad in our magazine. We haven’t actually checked, but we’re pretty sure that’s not how it works…