airscape’s primary function is to support aviation. That means we are happy to provide space for you to tell your stories on the basis that where we get content, you get exposure.

Given airscape’s mission, the magazine can be generously supportive of aviation museums, events, clubs and groups, book and magazine publishers, small businesses and especially individuals.

All you need do is get in touch to start the conversation.

For example, you may be:

  • The relative or descendant of an aviator, maintainer, innovator, etc
  • The organiser of an airshow or aviation event.
  • A (small) business with a new or interesting product to share.
  • A museum looking to boost your profile with stories about local aviation personalities or businesses, or items in your collection.
  • A book publisher (or author) looking to publicise titles with excerpts or reviews.
  • A flying/soaring/modelling club wishing to share your special passion (and attract new members).
  • A pilot with stories of your flying experiences and adventures.
  • A blogger, sharing content to gain followers.
  • An aviation magazine that could win new subscribers by sharing sample articles.
  • A photographer or artist with a portfolio to show off.
  • A library with interesting items to share.

Of course, everything is published at airscape’s discretion – with a view to things like interest value, uniqueness, content diversity within each issue, and commercial considerations.

That doesn’t mean your story can’t have a commercial side to it though. We’re realists, especially when it comes to publicity.

But the main criterion will always be story value. That, and balance.