Cutting Through

In good company

With my motto of ‘less talking, more doing’, I’m obviously not an expert at promoting my own efforts and achievements with airscape. I prefer to just keep on doing…

But I was more than a little flattered to be included in a list of The Top 18 Aerospace and Aviation Industry Blogs and Publications You Need to Be Reading published by Cutting Dynamics Inc recently.

(Photo courtesy of CDI)

If you don’t know of CDI, they’re the good folks in Avon, OH, who make precision parts for your favourite Boeing, Gulfstream, Bell Helicopter and Sikorsky aircraft (plus others).

So just being included in their list that was rather pleasing, but then so was the company I’m keeping. It’s nice to see airscape getting a mention in the same breath as publications with actual staff and actual experience – including EAA Inspire, David Cenciotti’s The Aviationist, Plane & Pilot magazine and others. I mean, wow, right?

Aviation reading

Without wanting to seem the least bit ungrateful, I would have added my other two absolute go-to reads – The House of Rapp and the NASA Aeronautics portal – to bring it up to an even 20. But it’s not my list. Besides, I probably wouldn’t have been bold enough to suggest ‘airscape’ and you’d be back down to an uneven 19…

So who am I kidding? If you’re looking to expand or update your aviation reading list, CDI’s list is a rich seam of quality blogs and titles.

Be sure to check out their recommendations.

13 thoughts on “Cutting Through

  1. Congrats! You’re in august company — those are some serious blogs. And I’m happy to see you finally getting the recognition you deserve.

    I have to admit I’ve never heard of CDI… but that might be because the price of parts of a Gulfstream is so stratospheric that even stray glances at an invoice can cause serious psychological damage.

    P.S. Thanks for the vote of confidence re: my intermittent — although hopefully worthwhile — output. 🙂

    1. Thanks. And no, thank you for all your only slightly intermittent and definitely worthwhile output.
      I agree too – I wouldn’t want to try and build a G.IV from parts. Or even sell my car to replace a lightbulb. Certified quality costs a whole lot more than top quality. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I totally agree with your nomination. In my short time of subscription, via TAVAS, I have thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve read in your pages. Specifically, the recent review of Andrew Lancaster’s film about his late uncle, Bill Lancaster and ‘Chubby’ Miller’s outstanding achievements in a previous book review.

  3. That is so exciting!! 😀 You definitely deserve to be mentioned with all those other top dog blogs and magazines! Congrats!

    I think ‘The House of Rapp’ is great too. But your blog is definitely my fav. 😉

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