(Why) Learn To Fly

Why Learn To Fly A4In the earliest days of airscape, I published an article called  (Why) Learn To Fly, setting out the arguments for pursuing the dream of flight. It’s proved a perennial favourite.

So, whether you need to convince yourself or someone else, here’s a PDF copy of the complete piece that you’re welcome to download and use pretty much as you wish.

Click this text link (not the image): Why Learn To Fly A4 

Because the value exceeds the cost

The article is a siren song to people thinking about learning to fly (which might make it useful to instructors and schools). But, just as importantly, it’s a summary of just how much we pilots gain from our Licence to Fly.

…It’s worth remembering from time to time.

Copyright? What copyright?

This is public property now. Somewhere between creative commons and the common good. We just want to get more people into the air, more often.

So the PDF is ready to print on A4 sheets if that’s what you want. Or, with a bit of trickery, you’ll be able to extract the text and re-use it in your own layout – web, newsletter, whatever. You can also just grab a quote or two if that’s all you need.

If you need it in a different format, from text document to png image, just Contact us and I’ll do my best to help.

I hope it makes you proud, and helps you make more pilots.


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