Luftwaffe Fighter Force

Luftwaffe Fighter Force The View From The Cockpit Edited by David C. Isby We’re extremely lucky, these days, to live in an age when former enemies can be be widely reconciled, respected and remembered for the honour of their service. Among other things, it means we can read  countless thrilling memoirs by the aerial warriors we want to study and admire. But it wasn’t always … Continue reading Luftwaffe Fighter Force

Small wonder

Eagles over North Africa and the Mediterranean 1940 – 1943 by Jeffrey L. Ethell To be completely honest, I’d sort of forgotten that this review copy of Eagles was on it’s way to me. So it’s arrival was a rather pleasant surprise. In fact, it was an extremely pleasant surprise: This book, part of the Luftwaffe At War series (see below), is an absolute gem. … Continue reading Small wonder

The Mother Lode of Invention

An article on Daniel Uhr’s digital art and book, Lufwaffe Confidential, which he co-created with author Claudio Lamas de Farias, (see Inside Loupe, airscape 3) stirred a long-dormant line of interest in me. I’d long wondered how much German science moved west, and east, before the Iron Curtain came down. Turns out – a big lot. In my mildly obsessive Googling, I came across Scientists and Friends, a … Continue reading The Mother Lode of Invention