What’s the big idea?

The overall goal of airscape is to strengthen aviation’s voice, by helping everyone who’s part of that voice to get heard.

That means bloggers, website owners, journalists, other magazines, photographers, spotters and even enthusiastic passengers – as well as all the more obvious professionals (pilots, controllers, maintainers, operators, schools, military, etc). The whole community.

It’s great to read magazines about the stuff you work and/or are most interested in. But, ultimately, you start breathing your own air. With airscape, we want to encourage cross-linking – have GA pilots decide that gliding is worth a try; show an airline administrator photos that would be perfect for her reception lounge wall; prove to a modeller in Stockholm that there’s a magazine from New Zealand he’d really love; and so on. It’s supporting aviation by supporting each other.

Our first ever editorial talked about ‘building a groundswell of goodwill’…
Well, that’s the big idea.