Mosquito Bites

    Fancy yourself at the controls of Military Aviation Museum’s DH98 Mosquito FB Mk.26? I don’t know; maybe if Jerry Yagen was super-impressed by your glass-smooth arrival at Osh Kosh or something. Anyway, it would certainly be a priceless opportunity, even if the Timber Terror is reputed to have a nastier bite than its malarial six-legged namesake. But back when KA-114 was brand new, vast … Continue reading Mosquito Bites

Tail chase

. . Rule for Life #4: Keep your eyes open (because it’s amazing what you’ll find when you’re looking for something else)   I was hunting for photos of Spitfire production when I happened across this incredible photo of Spitfire destruction. It came from a 1942 newspaper file and carried the slug ‘AUSTRALIAN PILOT WINS COMBAT WITH HALF DESTROYED RUDDER’. Needless to say, my curiosity was aroused, … Continue reading Tail chase

The Mother Lode of Invention

An article on Daniel Uhr’s digital art and book, Lufwaffe Confidential, which he co-created with author Claudio Lamas de Farias, (see Inside Loupe, airscape 3) stirred a long-dormant line of interest in me. I’d long wondered how much German science moved west, and east, before the Iron Curtain came down. Turns out – a big lot. In my mildly obsessive Googling, I came across Scientists and Friends, a … Continue reading The Mother Lode of Invention