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Cogito ergo sum

Cogito ergo sum

Will any good come from MH370? It seems we’re days, if not hours, from recovering the first confirmed wreckage from Malaysia Airlines MH370 – in the Southern Ocean. It’s the first step in fulfilling my one predication about this tragedy: That the aircraft, and some answers, would be found. And I’m sure this will be … Continue reading


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Life, Liberty, Happiness... A Rascals Perspective.

The Navy Life of A Pilot's Wife

The Adventures of a Navy Wife, From the USA to Japan and Back Again

Shortfinals's Blog

A blog about life, aviation, and everything. Contents © Shortfinals and AirShowConsultants; all rights reserved!

ShutterSpeedAero Photography

aviation images by Hayman Tam (copyrighted)

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A Blog for Preserved Aircraft: Be they in Museums, Standing Alone or Still Flying.

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Airline Pilot Blog


The Study of Things with Wings!

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Private Pilot in a Cessna 152

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pictures of airplanes and things

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A creative impression of what aviation is all about

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The Art and Science of General Aviation

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TVRPhotography - If it moves, Shoot It!


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