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The Mother Lode of Invention

The Mother Lode of Invention

Our article on Daniel Uhr’s digital art and book Lufwaffe Confidential, which he co-created with author Claudio Lamas de Farias, (see Inside Loupe, airscape 3) stirred a long-dormant line of interest in me. I’d long wondered how much German science moved west, and east, before the Iron Curtain came down. Turns out – a big lot. … Continue reading

Free Czechoslovak Air Force

Remembering the Czechoslovaks who served in the RAF in World War II


My View of Life From the Cockpit

The Navy Life of A Pilot's Wife

The Adventures of a Navy Wife, From the USA to Japan and Back Again

Shortfinals's Blog

A blog about life, aviation, and everything. Contents © Shortfinals and AirShowConsultants; all rights reserved!

ShutterSpeedAero Photography

aviation images by Hayman Tam (copyrighted)

Pickled Wings

A Blog for Preserved Aircraft: Be they in Museums, Standing Alone or Still Flying.

JetHead's Blog

Airline Pilot Blog


The Study of Things with Wings!

Cessna Chick

Private Pilot in a Cessna 152

summer sortie

pictures of airplanes and things

Apron 6

A creative impression of what aviation is all about

The Standard Pilot Log

The Art and Science of General Aviation

Tyson V. Rininger's Blog

TVRPhotography - If it moves, Shoot It!


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